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HR Services

HR departments have to wear many hats.  There is so much information to keep track of, coupled with an endless array of regulatory requirements at the local, state, and Federal levels.  As a result, significant amounts of time and money are dedicated to this single aspect of your business.

HR On-Demand Program

With the HR On-Demand Program, your company can virtually outsource their HR department to us. Our experienced and certified HR Professionals work with you to address your business specific questions and needs. This service includes the following features:

Ask the Professionals

Direct your questions about legal compliance and personnel issues to us, and receive a response within one business day.

Document Customizing

APM’s certified HR professionals will create and / or customize your HR documents, and review them to ensure regulatory compliance.

Employee Handbook Development

Schedule a personal appointment with an HR professional to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation.

HRIS: A Must-Have Tool

One of the most effective tools available today is known as HRIS (Human Resource Information System) – a software platform that streamlines the processes of an HR department, enables accurate calculations, keeps track of records, and automates much of the work involved.  Using an HRIS platform provides significant cost savings and frees up large chunks of time that would otherwise be wasted on less efficient methods.

For more information on HRIS, take a look at our HRIS solution on our services page.  We also have an entry on our blog that explains many of the features and benefits an HRIS system can provide.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can access the online HR Support Center for all of your HR needs.

Resources include:

  • Employee Handbook: Downloadable and customized.
  • Policy Library: Library of standard business policies.
  • State and Federal Laws: Written in easy to understand terms.
  • HR Forms: Library of business, state and federal forms.
  • 3-Minute HR Audit: Assess the effectiveness of your HR functions.
  • eAlerts: Instant notification for important law updates.
  • HR Checklists: Checklists to help organize business tasks.
  • HR Guides: Various guidelines providing helpful references in following particular business procedures.
  • Job Descriptions: Catalog to help organize and hire employees.
  • Q&A Database: Hundreds of questions answered by HR Pros.
  • HR Best Practices: Monthly articles covering best practices.
  • Monthly Newsletter: Alerts and articles to stay current.
  • Glossary of Terms: Easy to read definitions for key HR terms.
  • HR News and Updates: HR-related news feeds and updates.
  • HRCast: Monthly podcasts covering HR best practices.
  • HR Resource Center: Resources for ordering posters, training materials and reference literature.
  • Quick Guides: Hot topics of employee solutions.