HR departments have many things to manage, including payroll, taxes, benefits, workman’s comp, and much more.  One way to help minimize the burden of managing employee taxes and benefits is is employee self-service.

What is Employee Self-Service?
Do you remember when gas stations used to have extra attendants who would pump gas for you, wash your windshield, and you give them a tip?  In many parts of the United States, we now do these things ourselves, allowing gas stations to reduce overhead and operating expenses by not having those extra attendants on staff.  Employee Self-Service is quite similar.  Imagine yourself as an employee who just got married and moved to a new address.  Instead of going to HR and asking for a W4 form, adding your spouse to your medical/dental insurance, and updating your mailing address, all of these changes can now be performed online – even from home!  It’s an easy way to manage these things on your own, and get the changes you need done instantly, rather than having to wait for HR to process them when their workload is high.

Is Employee Self-Service Secure?
Yes!  When you login to your email, for example, your username and password are protected by security features such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  SSL and other techniques ensure the privacy of your information by ensuring that third parties cannot easily break in and make changes to your account.

Will Employee Self-Service Be Easy For Me To Use?
Absolutely.  Employee Self-Service isn’t something you will need to use everyday, but when you do need it, it is there, and using the website is typically straightforward.

What Happens If I Forget My Password?
Like most websites that require you to login, should you forget your username or password, there are options available which enable you to retrieve or reset your login information.  You will need to login to the email address your have on file, and/or answer a few security questions to verify your identity before continuing, but this is no different than retrieving or resetting your email password.

Are There Any Other Benefits Of Employee Self-Service?
It depends on the company, but usually employees can view their pay stubs, see their deductions, tax information, and make changes to their benefits (when applicable).