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APM Holding managerial team has been in the accounting and tax filing business since 1992 and handles over 3,000 clients. We service small and medium–size companies, of all industry categories. Our clients range in size from one employee to hundreds, start-up and long established businesses, with one location or several, including multi-state enterprises.

APM Holding has grown to meet the needs of clients in all 50 states, while remaining focused on its core processing operations. Using the accounting process as the center, or core of the enterprise, our products and services have grown to include direct deposit, time and attendance, 401K, and many other viable employer services.

APM Holding is not a franchise or a division of a public national company. We are a local Southern California company that provides dedicated and personal service to our clients each day, each week. We recognize that accounting is no longer just about paying employee– it has become a complicated process requiring specially trained and experienced staff.

Go Beyond The Check

More than just payroll.

Anybody can print a paycheck, a true employee payment provider has to be more resourceful. At APM, we’ve been the backbone of other payment providers for over a decade. From our ultra modern, ultra scalable software system, our accurate and on-time tax filing, our exclusive partner network and first class customer support. The difference is simple. It’s APM. Go Beyond the paycheck.